About HNC
Huawei Network Congress
HNC is Huawei's annual network congress for global enterprise customers, which has been held since 2013.
● A platform for Huawei and global opinion leaders, industry elites, and technical experts to discuss how to develop future businesses, applications, and network technologies.
● A face-to-face communication platform for customers from various industries.
● A platform for showcasing the latest products and solutions as well as cutting-edge technologies and applications.
Swift Liu, President Switch & Enterprise Communications Product Line Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
At the beginning of human civilization, our ancestors started exploring the relationship between themselves and the world, defining the essence of human existence, and seeking new connections. For thousands of years now, human beings have been creating new connections between us and the world around us. We’ve come to understand a great deal about ourselves and almost everything on earth, as well as the rest of the universe. Through connections among human beings, we have created language, philosophy, culture, and society.
The Internet has freed the connections among human beings from constraints of race, gender, age, language, geography, and religion, enabling smooth communication among as many as 6 billion people. Artificial intelligence has broken restrictions on the connections between human beings and machines, making communication between them a reality. Driverless vehicles show that the connections between things and the environment have broken restrictions of time and space and, with the Internet of Things (IoT), thing-to-thing communication is opening a new world of possibilities.
The network is the foundation for connecting everything. Digital information from numerous connections constitutes a digital world that has substantially changed consumers’behavior. No enterprise can elude this change. Digital stores, digital marketing, and digital logistics-each of these business models spur enterprises to change their focus from inside to outside. Network and IT technologies have become the production center of enterprises, the source of business innovation, and the connector between enterprises and customers.
To fulfill this vision, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are looking for ways to transform legacy infrastructures so they can connect to upper-layer applications and services more quickly and flexibly than before. CIOs are also looking for ways to dynamically optimize the infrastructures to adapt to service changes. The “Agile Network” offers a way for CIOs to achieve these; it is an innovative infrastructure that plays a crucial role now and into the future as we make the connections we need.
The transformation brought by IT never stops; it accelerates its pace within enterprises by digitizing office tools, core assets, operations, and production. For instance, the IoT enables production digitization. Through sensor networks, the digital world extends to each “capillary” of an enterprise. Each machine on a production line, each product being shipped to customers, each system that operates on customers’ networks, and each shipping container become “nerve endings” of a digitized enterprise. The digitized enterprise will make decisions and respond to market changes at speeds 10 or 50 times faster than today’s enterprises. By virtue of the “Agile IoT,” enterprises can scale their networks toconnect everything that can be connected; accurately perceive changes in services, customers, and the environment; and create new business models through innovative connections.
“Connection” is an abiding theme for human beings. It springs from the very beginning of human civilization. Today, new connections are transforming industrial production and people’s lives. In this fast-changing age, network and IT infrastructures must be equipped with agile connectivity to connect devices, networks, users, processes, and applications, plus, most importantly, create a future for digital enterprises fueled by imagination.